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Default The world goes around

My storefront TA Maggie, sold me my first cruise on the old Rotterdam in 1983, then two more in '84 & '85. By the time I was ready to book again it was '88 and I booked online...I knew what I wanted and it was cheaper. My last sailing was in late '08 and it was online. If the cruise I want for 2011 is available through the cruise line cheaper than the internet, then that's where I'm going. Just as the online agencies took over the storefronts, etc. It's business. It's progress. Time marches on. I miss Maggie, I miss Woolworth's too. I got one phone call from RCCL. The guy was polite and I told him sorry. That was the end of that. Haven't heard a peep from HA,NCL,Celebrity or Princess.
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