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Hi- no below the tv is just another little "dresser" with two drawers. I thought the wires hanging down from the tv were tacky but that's just me. The DVD player/library was nice when there wasn't anything we wanted to do. The little fridge was under the desk opposite, under where the expresso machine is. The bath tub wasn't a whirlpool. Yes, they had nice Elemis lotion, shampoo and conditioner. There is a jar with bath salts on the tub. I would have liked hooks for my nightgown or robe (they do supply the robes), or the hand towel. The closet wasn't really what you would call a walk in because they all had doors. It was in the little hallway off the front door on the way to the bathroom. It took some manuevering to get into two of them because you had to close the door to the bathroom. I will post some additional pics. Maybe it will be more clear.
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