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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
So what are the luggage limits then?
Our next cruise we have 23 KG each.
Next trip we are flying a combination of Qantas and British, and I think the limit is 30 or 32 kgs each...thats in Business/First class....that may sound plenty....but dont forget our cruise is for 102 days, plus a few days pre cruise in London....and a week mid cruise in Singapore...and also covers a lot of varying temperatures......and also remember that I still havent managed to pack "light". How long is your cruise and to what area?

Boatman....I have used the Seabourn luggage service to get stuff HOME after a cruise......but it really is very expensive to here. We shipped one suitcase from Rome to Brisbane and it cost $800......on top of that, our luggage that we took home with us was so overweight Qantas wanted to charge us $1000 excess just from Singapore to Brisbane!! I will save my pennies and maybe ship one home again, if I do a lot of shopping!
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