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"Carrying more on" is not an option here.....carry ons can be weighed as well....and they must fit in those thingys that say what size they have to be. So far I have always been able to manage to also sneak on a laptop bag and a huge hand bag (think you yanks call it a purse or something) hubby carrys my camera bag, (its quite big too)......*sigh* day I might learn to pack better, but when you travel for long periods is very difficult. Now if I lived somewhere near Florida....I could go on lots of shorter cruises....and take less luggage.
I think one thing that pushed our authorities into becomming so strict with luggage, was because of the huge influx of Japanese tourists we used to should have see what they carried!! Some carried half our meat and fisheries industry home with them in styrene boxes....and where the hell all the shopping bags fitted on the plane, I cant imagine!! I used to wonder how the planes actually got up into the air!
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