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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
A world cruise on a P&O ship in a balcony cabin, would be about 14,000 each + tips + spending...I guess about 35 K for two in total. I have always said this sort of money for a holiday is vastly beyond any normal working person.
I agree....but then I have never been "normal" we are retired now but "working" towards joining a SKI Club...(Spend your Kids Inheritance)
We actually dined with some extremely pompous Aussies on Seabourn one night....they were going on and on about all the Ski Clubs they belong to around the World......we butted in and said "we belong to a SKI Club too"....oh they did look impressed....and enquired as to which one.....when we gave them the answer, they had very blank looks on their faces....went completely over their heads!
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