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I have just had a quick look at the Oceania website and the Marina certainly does look beautiful! The suites are gorgeous. I had actually tried to book an Oceania cruise for my very first cruise back in 2006. It was booked out, and thats how I ended up sailing with Seabourn.
Maybe a good TA could get a better price than that which is quoted on the Seabourn website......maybe worth finding out if that is possible.
The only thing I dont like so much about Marina is that you have to share with 1250 other people instead of thats three times the crowd. I know the ship is bigger than Seabourn so can spread out a bit more, but then a bigger ship wears me out trying to find my way around!
On the prices you have quoted...its $550 a day on Oceania and $900 per day on drinking $350 worth, a possibility?
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