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Originally Posted by DiamondMember View Post
In response to the comment regarding the "Class System"; it's all about what you pay for. When onboard the ship not all passengers eat the same food, people pay for a premium food experience at Chops, Portofino or Chefs Table. Would that be a "Class System" because some folks determined to enhance their cruise experience with extras? If you pay for the luxury of a suite, I agree that you should be entitled to certain additional amenities that come along with the premium price. For example, the food on Labadee is still very good for 90% of the people, adding the upgrade of Steak and Lobster for those traveling in a Suite is fine by me as those folks paid 3, 4, or 5 times the price of their cruise than someone in a deck 2 inside cabin. As a side note, the cruise line generally has not removed a service or product for the non-suites; thereby, decreasing the cruise experience; they have merely added luxury items that are taliored to those guests. From a Labadee perspective, in the 17 years I've sailed to Coco Cay and Labadee, they never served Steak and Lobster; so there is really nothing to "miss" for the non-suite guests.

If all things were created equal, everyone would get the same cabin onboard, pay the same price in cruise fare and all services and products would be included in your fare. Unfortunately, no cruise line operates this way; nor does any resort or hotel property.
It is more than a better buffet for suite guests on Labadee. They've also blocked off, what I understand is the best beach area for suites only. So non suite guests cannot go there. Also I believe (someone can correct me if I'm mistaken) that Royal Caribbean also blocks off chairs by the pool for suite guests and the first couple of rows in the theatre are for suite guests only. So yes non-suite guests are having common areas taken away.
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