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I am, overall, a luxury type cruiser; spending most of my cruising days on Seabourn (which I also sell, by far, the most of).

So when I do sail on Celebrity (and I am a Captain's Club Elite) I truly enjoyed Michael's Club being a bit more exclusive in approach. I loved it when it was a cigar lounge, accepted it as OK when it became a piano bar, still enjoyed it when it became mor of an informal living room, but turning it into a glorified sports bar...

Sorry, I think that small areas of luxury can overall do more to increase revenue from the sale of suites then a sports bar can do for increased revenue from the sale of beer.

I do think some of the other additions are going to be good additions. I am, however, concerned that the beauty and relaxation of the lower energy space is now going to be overwhelmed by all of the different venues being installed there.
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