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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Hey Bill...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Seabourn may be dropping the "Seabourn Yacht Club"

And of they do - with Azamara drop the "Azamara CLUB Cruises?"
Hi Paul –

With respect to Seabourn, I really don’t have the inside scoop, but I’ve heard the rumor too. I worked with Larry Pimentel at Seabourn throughout the ‘90s when it’s 3 ships were all the same size – 10,000 tons and 102 suites. The new ships are three times their size and in my opinion their capacity is in conflict with the notion of being on a “yacht” and could complicate their marketing message.

It makes no difference to Azamara Club Cruises what Seabourn finally decides to do with “yacht club.” Azamara is an “up-market” brand with moderately sized ships. We deliberately added “Club” to our name to convey that our onboard atmosphere and lifestyle is “club-like” and that the caring and catering attitude of our officers, staff and crew provides each guest with the feeling of “belonging” to the experience and “looking forward” to renewing those friendships each time they return. Therefore, keeping “Club” in our name is critical to our brand positioning.

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