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Eric - I do see your point. All the cruise lines use the same excuse, that they charge to limit demand.

But let's be honest - what Silversea does with its Le Chapagne is a very unusual offering (and I have actually never seen it in action).

I am sure what they do is not just about profit - we are talking about some very expensive and exclusive wine pairings. They couldn't do what they are offering at no additional cost.

Even the new Oceania Marina - which has almost no extra service charges for specialty dining, has the new restaurant Privee where they charge $1000 per night (for 8 people).

It isn't $1000 of pure profit - it takes a lot of work and product for them to offer that kind of special experience.

It's for the people who want that kind of thing. It's the Rolls Royce of specialty dinners - while most of the people are driving Mercedes.

It isn't my place to knock something just because I can't afford it. I'm not into the "class warfare" thing ;-)
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