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Good question...

This is why I wrote that article about cruise connoisseurs.

To determine what is a justifed cost on an all-inclusive luxury line is a full-time job because some things are included and some are extra cost.

My intuition, although I have never tried Le Champagne, is that the whole point is the wine pairings, and so I would not do it for $30 for the food only. I have heard people say they did that and it was not worth it. The food is not the same without the wine - that is the whole point.

So, look at it this way. If Silversea could do the same thing but with less expensive wines would it be the same experience? Would the pairings be as special? Would they be able to assure the same level of service?

If you are going to do something very special - as this is intended to be, they should do it "right." And I think that is the basic philosophy of Silversea - that they want to do luxury right.

I can go to a "wine tasting" on Celebrity and try different types of wine and learn a little bit about what foods go with what wines, but to have "the best wine pairing dinner possible" is something I would expect from Silversea.

So, no, I don't really see it as degrading the product. I respect Silversea a lot and I think they usually do the best they can for their customers. I know they sometimes fall short, but I don't fault the company policy for it. Sometimes the staff just doesn't get the word.

Nitpicking Silversea is a little bit like knocking the sexiest and most beautiful girlfriend you ever had because she couldn't cook.

You take a luxury line to experience the luxury. Yeah, they will have their problems, but the experience is what you make it. If you focus on the bad you are only wasting your own precious time on the cruise.

Now don't get me wrong. I have been on plenty of cruises where someone is having a bad time and spends the entire cruise nitpicking the cruise line. I feel sorry for those people as they usually end up wasting their entire vacation looking at everything that is wrong.
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