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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post


No, I'm not THAT desparate!

But I must say that I was really disappointed when Celebrity suddenly made the vessels originally built as MV R6 and MV R7 of defunct Renaissance Cruises, which came to Celebrity from Pulmantur Cruises in a swap for MV Zenith, the first ships of a new line (MV Azamara Quest and MV Azamara Journey) rather than adding them to the Celebirty Cruises fleet. My last cruise with Princess was aboard a sister, MV Tahitian Princess (now MV Ocean Princess), originally built as MV R4 -- and I have to say that MV Tahitian Princess was a fantastic ship!

It's not about the size of the ship. It's about going to sea!

I tend to agree with you, I went this year on a free cruise on NCL to Bermuda and docking at Kings Wharf is nothing like being in Hamilton. Quest and Journey would have been perfect for that trip as well as going into St. Georges. I suspect the money can be made elsewhere as prices are not as high as they used to be in Bermuda. Bermuda has also had contradictory actions as far as the various ports in their jurisdiction.
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