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Honestly, there are no other luxury lines (and I am not sure of any mainstream lines) that charge a $200 administrative fee. Some river cruise lines do, but I do not see it as a trend or concept that is catching on like charging for luggage.

To me it is pretty simple. I believe people should be informed and able to change there minds. I do not charge consultation fees, change fees or cancellation fees because I believe it is part of my job. There are travel agents - in fact seminars are given - on how to charge fees for travel agent services. It is just a different perspective and business model.

Regardless, $200 is not a lot of money when dealing with a luxury cruise. It is, however, your money...and $200 is $200.

So, whether you agree with it or not, or whether you see the logic or not, I guess it still comes down to my initial questions:

Is the increased penalty period an incentive not to change your cruise or to not book it unless you are positive you are going?

Do you think it is a reasonable response to what might be seen as abuse by some cruisers?
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