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I have written about how crazy it makes me that cruise lines actually put out so called "brochure fares" and then "discount prices in the brochures.

Listen cruise lines - if it is in the brochure then that IS the brochure price - do NOT send me a brochure with "discount" prices and say they are sale prices. It is nonsense.

Your cruises are selling for the discount price in the brochure - that is why it is a brochure.

You might as well just address it to "stupid"

"Dear Stupid...

Here is the brochure where we tell you we would like to charge double for every cruise, but in fact the market dictates we can only get half of that, therefore we are publishing fantasy-fares based on what we charge for these cruises in our dreams, but in fact the real brochure price is the one we call the "discount price." Please disregard that fact that it is not a discount as long as you are paying the price printed in our brochure as the actual price for this cruise."
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