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I did an article about cruise line loyalty programs in 2009 and at the time Holland America had not yet refined theirs...

I contacted them for details on their plan and the only reply I got said "go to the World's Leading Cruise Lines web site and see what it says there."

Well, you know both HAL and Seabourn are in the WLCL family, and at the site it said "any special privileges you get at one cruise line are transferrable to all the cruise lines in the WLCL family."

Well, they have since changed that, but I wrote "if you have cruised 200 days on Holland America you are technically qualified for a free 7-day cruise on Seabourn - but don't expect to get it."

I only wrote what the web site said, and I even said "don't expect to get the cruise." - but Holland America contacted me real soon and said "can you please change that - we are getting a lot of calls."
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