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Ray hit it on the head - Egypt is the main reason to book this cruise. What a shame.

I think another lesson is not to book a cruise in the Med in December, or alse accept to consequences for what can happen.

It is too bad they couldn't somehow go back to Egypt and skip Malta on the way back. (maybe that is crazy, I don't know).

I have to say I do wish the cruise lines had a little more flexibility with compensation. I KNOW contractually they are not responsible for the weather - but it would just be excellent customer value service to say "We recognize Egypt is the highlight of this cruise, so we are giving an extra large future cruise credit if you want to rebook this cruise."

Everything in the corporate world is bottom line these days, especially with the stock market. But if they had policies like this they would take a hit for one quarter but eventually be able to raise cruise fares just for their great reputation.

The worst thing in customer service is when a company gets so big they start to consider a certain amount of "damage" sustainable - like "well, we can 'burn' the retention factor for these 2000 customers and not hurt our customer base on a percentage basis."
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