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Originally Posted by DiamondMember View Post
I'm sure a lot of consideration is factored into the compensation the line will offer during any incident; weather or internal related. What is "reasonable" will vary from passenger to passenger. My only question is whether the passengers knew what kind of weather/season they were getting into when they determined to sail this time of year? I'm sure none of them complianed at the reduced fare they paid instead of sailing at peak weather times (i.e., May - September).
I agree. As a European, the Med is too cold for me after the 1st week in November. You can be lucky but no guarantees. Most Europeans travel at a min to Canaries for heat.

December is actually a favoured month for Egypt - I have been there twice at that time of the year but I flew into Cairo/Aswan for my trips and then cruised the Nile. Cairo, itself, can be cool but Upper Egypt is lovely at that time of the year. I would never consider going to Alexandria if I wanted to see the Pyramids - too far; the best sites and sights are in Upper Egypt.

Anyway I hope everyone is safe and well.
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