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IS the MDR open EVERY day, even when the ship is in port? Other lines shut down the MDR when the ship is in port.[/QUOTE]

In port, they generally closed the MDR. The Lido is really not that bad and the selection is pretty good. I know with small children it can be a challenge but just try to find a table and then one of you go up and get the food. One problem is the fact that they have done away with trays so it's a pain trying to juggle plates, drinks, etc. (probably why you enjoy the dining room). I did see some clever ladies taking large plates and using them as trays for their drinks. They also send around wait staff with a beverage cart but that is catch as catch can. You sound like you are pretty well organized so it should not be much of a problem for you.

I was on the Eurodam last February and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went with my mother-in-law and she did, too. She hadn't been on a cruise in probably 25 years! You'll love it!
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