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We have decided to do a Hawaii cruise in 2011. I saw in the itinerary that you had to be back on the ship two hours before departure. One of the departures is 2pm. You hardly have time to get off the ship that morning.
Do you really have to be back two hours before departure?

Absolutely not - you only have to be back on the ship before the take the gangway up - which is usually just before it sails.

Is renting a car for the day easy to do? Or do you get more out of the trip by taking an excursion?

Very easy in Honolulu and not expensive - my only advice is to have a plan for what you want to see. My story; we rented a car one day and got stuck in murderous traffic while trying to take a "shortcut" to the north side. Took us two hours. On our return some friends picked us up and they drove us literally around the island in less time.

We are planning on flying in to Honolulu a few days early. How quickly will we have seen all we really want to see? I know usually I would like to spend a week in most places but have also heard that Oahu is murder for traffic. So, rent a car or tours?

Depends on you. I would say just a 2 or 3 of days. You can go to Pearl harbor, the north side, and shop in Waikiki. Not much else to do,

We have heard the good, bad and the ugly about NCL and only hope for the best. We mainly want to enjoy the scenery.

It is the best way to see Hawaii. Go for that, and not so much for the ship or the cruise. If you just want a cruise and the destination is secondary then I recommend the Caribbean, but to really see the beauty of Hawaii the NCL cruise is the best way.

Honestly, the all American crew has disappointed a lot of people over the years. Take them with a grain a salt.
If anyone has any comments they would be appreciated.
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