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I think that in the wake of Carnival Splendor where what was obviuosly a "cruise from hell" turned into a public relations coup by the company's response, including immediately saying "full refund and free cruise later" - that RCL decided they had better do something good for these passengers or else the post-cruise groundswell of negativity was going to be unbearable.

The passengers onboard were revolting when they heard the first offer, shouting "That's not enough!" As we said - the main port on the trip - Egypt, was canceled, so they missed the highlight of the entire cruise.

RCL admitted they sailed into the storm because of what they described as misleading and inadequate weather reports - they said the winds were twice as bad as they had been told to expect.

In any case - I think RCL did the right thing. The passengers got 2/3 of a perfect cruise, and will have a chance to get back on a ship later and see the main port they missed.
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