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I agree that this is getting dangerously close to becoming a precedent setting thing-- people have a bad cruise- gather up into groups ( as we all know there's more bravado and bravery in groups or mobs ), shout, become unruly, etc . and the cruise line buckles and gives in to the angry demands.
I'm sorry for the folks who had to endure this storm. I'm sure it was no fun but precisely where does it end? Although it wasn't the fault of the passengers or cruise line, when the cruise lines buckle to the pressure and demands, it just adds fuel to the fire for the next time something similar happens on another ship or line. Engine trouble, maintenance problems, etc, yes, I agree the cruise line should step up to the plate and do what's right to rectify the problem. But for nature, no.
I saw today on the news that the cold has spread as far as way down into Florida. I saw where some folks had come from Denmark to go to Disney World,expecting a warm, sunny vacation. It was 27 o when they left home and was a low of 28 o when they got to Orlando. They didn't demand a refund, blame Disney, want a free flight home, etc., etc. It showed people at Disney bundled up against the cold. Since Disney had nothing to do with the weather I didn't see or hear anything about anyone demanding their money back or raising hell with Disney because of mother nature. Why? Obviously people didn't think that in central Fla. it would be in the 20's-- so why not demand a refund , etc.?

Now if the cruise lines buckle under to demands like this , which most of them have been doing, then wouldn't it only be fair for Disney to pony up some "compensation " , such as refunding the money everyone paid to stay in their resort this week , or kicking in a $2-300 dollar credit toward their account?
I think that it's not going to be too long that the cruise lines will have a very plain but simple form for the passengers to sign before boarding , reading something to the effect of :
1) I understand I'm going on a ship.
2) I understand that since it is a ship it floats upon the water, therefor if the water moves the ship will have to move.
3) I also understand that XYZ cruise lines has no control over the weather nor how rough the water gets and sometimes due to the weather we may have to miss a scheduled port.
4) I accept these terms and hereby chose to cruise after reading and stating I do understand all the above.
5) I repeat I understand I'm going on a ship that floats upon the ocean and if the water moves, the ship moves.
6) I repeat, I know I'm going on a ship that floats upon the water and may have some movement and I understand the cruise line can't control the weather or the movement of the water that the ship floats upon.
Signed --Happy cruiser til something happens !! :-D
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