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Actually you are comparing apples to oranges here. Both the American Senate Inquiry, and the British Board of Trade found the White Star line and it's employees liable of negligent navigational practices. In short the Captain and his officers and the ownership of White Star(since the manager director of the line was aboard and privy to navigational information) operated the ship in a negligent fashion that contributed directly to the death of more then 1500 people. So far none of the most recent headline making cruise ship emergencies have been proven to be the result of negligent operation by the cruise lines (at least not on the order of magnitude of the Titanic disaster, or even the later Andrea Doria/Stockholm incident).

In fact the Titanic's surviving passengers did take the line to court and sued them for negligence. The case was settled out of court in an amount that was substantially lower then what the passengers asked for, and substantially more then what White Star has wanted to pay.

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