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AshleeBelle, you are quite correct--the cruise contract spells out much, but not all of what I was saying in a humorous way--the contract doesn't remind people in as you say " block letters " that the ship floats and is therefore subject to the whims of nature.I was basically stating they apparently need to have it in large block letters several times so some people do see and get the point before getting their knickers in a wad over mother nature if they do have a weather related problem.

In no way did I mean to belittle their experience--I've been on a lot of cruises, seen some rough seas, missed a few ports and understand the disappointment but I can never remember being rude, starting or trying to start problems, shouting down someone trying to speak, etc. or blame the ship or resort for bad weather and the problems it creates. So, maybe there is a need after all for the " block letters."--at least for some.
I feel that when we started down this road that we're now on, it won't be too long until people start to demand compensation from resorts in places like Disney, Vegas, Orlando, etc.etc when the weather doesn't co-operate with their vacation plans. So, where does it end? Overall, we have become a " blame someone for everything " society and expect compensation, regardless of fault--we stick out our hand, someone drops " compensation " in it and we shut up until the next time--and next time will come more and more often.
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