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I was also one of those who said no thank you. It didn't look right, and I would miss my books. Jim kept saying he wanted to get me one, and kept saying no.

We were in the airport in April. The lady next to me had a Kindle. She showed me how to use it, and how many books she could hold at one time. Jim reminded me that I had books in my suitcase, my computer bag, and purse.

I came home that night and ordered mine. I also ordered the cover that opens up like a book, so when holding it, feels like I have a real book in my hand.

One of the reasons it works for me is that I do not read the same book twice, and I also have a need for the newest books on the market. I use to buy them from not one but two book clubs and then donate them to our little town library. My book budget was very high.

My book expense has gone way down. I have an account with the company that sales my e-book, with all info stored, so it is a matter of clicking and it's mine. We were in a airport last week, and saw a book I would love to have in one of the book stores. It retailed for 35.00 I went and sat down at the gate, turned on my e-book and turned on the internet provided for free, and bought the same book I had just seen, for 9.99.

I no longer have tons of books in my suitcase ( I have been known to read 5 books on a cruise)

I have already decided what I will do when my e-book is completely filled up, and can no longer hold books. I will wrap it up, and give it to a patient at the hospital, or, send it with Jim to Iraq for the soldiers to read, and then I will buy me a new one.

I was slow to get on the band wagon, but have never looked back since. It is one of the best things I have ever received.
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