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I understand your frustration...About 10 yeas ago, I had one of the first ebooks from RCA. At that time it was $350.00!
One of the early issues was getting content, so unlike today, even though, there are ongoing issues between publishers,
authors,and buying sites like Amazon.

One day, the content just stopped,and I had an expensive paperweight A few years later it sort of came back from the dead, with better content,and,with different buying options,so I bought the new one. Funny, how it was not that many years ago, but miles away from the ""newest" technology. How Amazon was able to do,what RCA could not. is amazing.

Donna, with a Kindle you search for a book, click to buy, it's charged to an account you have set up,and in seconds the book is in your Kindle. But every book, you might want to read, may not have a Kindle version.

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