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The RCA E-Book's failure was due to three main reasons.

1. It was ahead of its time. Even though people and businesses wanted to go "paperless" in theory people still wanted that paper in their hand and in their file cabinet.

2. Proprietary format: The format of the e-docs were proprietary and hard to find content or it took a lot of steps to format content to RCA specifications.

3. Reliability: The devices didn't work worth a dang. The battery life was low and the storage media was prone to failure. They also were not durable and slight drops and daily bumps and grinds would cause failure.

My company purchased about 100 of the devices for executives and we had about a 40% failure rate during the first year. No new devices were purchased and many were returned.

The new devices (IPad, Kindle and Sony) are now more reliable and the format is interchangeable making them more versatile.

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