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My personal feelings about the devices are:

They are the wave of the future and eventually they will be the primary medium for reading books, magazines, news and other information. The financial pay pack to publishers, with the elimination or reduction in paper and printing costs, will push the industry in that direction.

The problems that I have with them are:

Longevity: Magnetic media is not permanent. Within a few years the disks will lose their integrity and fail.

Admit it. Most of you do not backup your computers and definitely don't backup your e-readers. Yes, you can re-download the books you have bought from some proprietary sources, like Amazon, but most of the free content or documents you have offloaded from your PC or other sources would be permanently lost if the device failed.

I can just see the angst when someone realizes that they just lost $5,000 worth of content because they dropped it in the pool or dropped it on the concrete.

There is still nothing better than having a paper book that is fairly permanent. 150 years from now the book, if reasonably stored, will still be there for people to enjoy. The e-book will be a paperweight.

Thirty years from now the old, Heinrich Heine, saying will probably be changed a bit to say: "Where they de-magnetize e-readers they will eventually de-magnetize people."

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