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I, like so many of you above, swore I'd never buy an e-reader. Then, on my wife's favorite TV station (QVC naturally) she saw an E-Reader (a Pandigital Novel)and talked me into getting it as an early Christmas present, so I acquiesced.

As I've oft stated, I have an extensive library on the Second World War. One of the books I had just started (actually at the hospital the week before she died) was The Day of Battle, one of a trilogy of books on WWII by Rick Atkinson. The book with notes and index is at or just over 790 pages so it makes a hell of a paper weight.

My niece DeAnna talked me into opening up my new Novel. Now the hard cover book above I purchased for only 8 bucks or so at The Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge. She suggested I download that one since I was reading it and I'd have something to read on my recent trip to Florida.

She has the Nook (also by Pandigital) and I asked if it was as good as the Nook. She's into all electronics and after playing with it for about 20 minutes declared it to be far better than her Nook. She said it has far greater capability than her Nook and unlike some e-readers, can be read in direct sunlight. Although the stuff that came with it said it had one gig it turns out it's an updated edition with 2 gigs. Of course none of this matters to me because all I'll ever do is use it as an e-reader. I took DeAnna's advice and the first book I downloaded was the one listed above and with my luck, it was $9.99 (probably because it is non-fiction and relatively recent (2007)).

Long story short, I like it. When I get used to it I'll download more books as I'm always reading anywhere from three to five books at a time. What I do miss is the "feel" of the book and hope that I can order for my Pandigital something such as a case with a cover that opens as described above by Luanne.

While It will not, however, take the place of my love for hard cover books, I view it as an "addition" type of thing to use and enjoy when convenient to do so.

While it's not for everyone remember, I was one of the strongest of naysayers about it and now I own and enjoy one. What it boils down to is, "Never say never."

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