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In the meantime, you are welcome to give me any label you like.
See? Not as easy to come up with those labels as you probably thought!

I will tell you something funny about these message boards... they are vBulletin boards, which are the same as Cruise Critic uses.

However (odd coincidence) our parent company (Internet Brands) which acquired us in 2006 owns the intellectual property rights to vBulletin message boards.

That doesn't mean much, except that they own the design so other sites (like CC) that use them pay a license fee to "us",

Now the funny part...

These boards come with a feature we have disabled (and so has Cruise Critic) where every USER like you, Granny or me, can vote on other users reputation. It is called the "reputation manager" where you give each post "points"

These are the stock categories (changable):

User is infamous around these parts
User can only hope to improve
User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
User is an unknown quantity at this point
User is on a distinguished road
User will become famous soon enough
User has a spectacular aura about
User is a jewel in the rough
User is just really nice
User is a glorious beacon of light User is a name known to all
User is a splendid one to behold
User has much to be proud of
User has a brilliant future
User has a reputation beyond repute

Can you imagine what kind of board wars that would bring up?
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