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Default Does RCL have Auto Tips?

Hi all my last cruise on RCL was in 1994. I have cruise Carnival in recent years and they do the Auto tips. We are doing our first caribbean cruise on the Freedom of the Seas. I'm very excited about seeing this ship.

But I'm wondering if RCL does the auto tips or if I need the envelopes. If I need to use the envelopes what is the break down of the tips? Also how much is the recommended tip per person per day? I saw something about an increase in the recommended tip and if there are no auto tips I need to learn the new break down. I know a lot of people don't like the auto tips. I do like them because I'm going to tip anyway and the auto tip makes it easy. I'm also free to tip extra on the auto tip if the service is excellent. Which in my experience it always is. Thanks for you help.
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