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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Unless you were actually there - on either of these cruises - you should watch what you say. Only those who experiences these cruises should have a comment about the compensation or how they feel.

BTW there is no bright side to be heaved about under any circumstances.
While I can see your point that it is harder to judge the circumstances if you weren't there, I think it is incorrect that people that weren't there aren't allowed to voice an opinion on the compensation. By that argument we should never allow jury trials to determine fair compensation in civil law suits because "they weren't there". I don't think you will find very many people that agree with that notion.

As to your second comment, are you kidding??? People spend millions of dollars for the thrill of being "heaved around" everyday, through the use of thrill rides, parasailing, sky diving, water skying, snow skiing, white water rafting, and endless other varieties of activities. In fact many of these activities require you to sign a waiver acknowledging the inherent risk involved, that states you hold the operator not liable if you are injured or killed. The waivers are even required on fairly mundane flat water canoe trips in most cases, because God forbid somebody roll the canoe, not have their life vest (in defiance of local ordinances almost everywhere) and end up drowning.
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