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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
It takes a great deal of initial training and then refresher training to maintain a qualified staff of nuclear plant operators. A minimum of 2 years of training and you need a reactor simulator to do that at too. It is pretty much a standard requirement for SROs (senior reactor operators) to have a B.S. degree. Many of the other support positions require at least an A.S. degree. There is a pipeline of new people constantly being trained to fill vacancies in the Navy and at commercial reactor facilities - as people retire, quit, or their enlistments are over. The cruise lines would have to have a similar training program or risk having to remove a ship from service because they didn't have enough people qualified to staff the reactor plant.
Heck Dave they could just pick up some ex Russian and Ukrainian navy people and pay them $30,000/year and add $10 to the gratuities for added compensation.

It would be easy to retrofit the power plants. Just buy a few from some decommissioned Russian Carriers and submarines and get some enriched Uranium from Kim Jong Ilk and they'd be ready to go. Simple!

Just don't tell people what happens if they want to remove their tips from their account.

They just wouldn't be able to sail or stop in any U.S. ports.

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