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Default Back To Back Cruises On Carnival


I remember seeing a similar thread quite awhile ago, but can no longer find it, so I thought I would start a new thread.

I am an avid cruiser (over 20 cruises and now over 10 on Carnival which makes me Platinum), and will be booking my first back-to-back cruise on the Freedom this September (a 6-day and an 8-day back-to-back itinerary).

Here are my questions:

1) Will we have to disembark between the two cruises?
2) If we do have to disembark, how long will it be for, and can we leave all our stuff in our cabin without having to pack and repack?
3) How easy will it be to get the same waiter and table for the second cruise?

One thing that I may not like about booking back-to-back will be the repeat of the menus in the dining room, as well as a repeat to some of the entertainment.

Also, would like to hear the pros and cons of those who have booked back-to-back in the past.

Thanks to all that reply (much appreciated!)
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