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I am curious what folks think about three things:

1. Why would a privately held cruise company publicize it has higher profits? I am trying to balance the justification for the admitted $600+ per person per day cost and the announcement that Regent is allegedly making more money than it ever did. It would seem to me that talking about value and not that each cruise sold generates more profits for Regent than if it sold them more in line with other cruise lines would make more marketing sense. To me customers and potential customers do not want to be told they are paying more only to line the pockets of the cruise line.

2. Does all the talk about profits and comments like, "We are very profitable" sound like Regent is looking for a buyer or setting itself up (again?) for an IPO? I know there are folks that really enjoy the Regent experience and, like Marc, take full advantage of tours (multiple tours per day), enjoy the food and service levels and find great value in it. Others believe that the tours are something they would never or rarely take, that Regent is inclusive but not luxury and/or that paying for drinks they will never have makes it an overly expensive alternative. Other than for purposes of finding a buyer, the message seems to me like Regent is scaring off the educated consumer.

3. Why do you think Regent is focusing on "fishing" for mass market cruisers rather than those that have experience cruising on other luxury lines?

So are you happy for Regent, think it doesn't make any difference to your cruise decision or, possibly, do you find it a turnoff?
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