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It does make sense that offering free tours would be a cost factor for the cruise line, so they would have to raise prices - but in fact several river cruise lines and the new line "Voyages to Antiquity" offer fare-included tours, flights & hotels and they manage it. They just need to get more busses and guides. I would hope Regent has their increased tour load factor under control.

So, I suspect the point of the press release is to say "our new plan of charging extra but offering a more inclusive cruise (pre-cruise hotels, tours included in the cruise fare) is working.

I agree it is a bit unusual for non-publicly traded companies to announce record earnings, but when traded companies do it I don't think most of their customers look upon that as a sign that they are getting ripped off - cost has nothing to do with the value proposition. They look at it as a sign that customers appear to like what the company is selling.
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