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I agree with you about prices. In my opinion the current pricing practices of all of the luxury cruise lines is just a mess.

First they publish the "brochure prices in the brochire, and then also put the discount prices in the brochure. Excuse my French, but "foutaise"

Then you have to figure out the value of the cruise credits, which varies by cruise line, and what you are able to use them for (spas, yes or no? tours, yes or no...)

And furthermore, I did a thorough comparison of the cost of a suite on Solstice vs a bottom of the line "suite" on Regent and found out the cost on Regent is similar to if you took Solstice and drank four drinks a night, ate in alternative restaurants almost nightly and took tours in every port. - and paid your gratuities of course.

Bottom line, when you go on an all inclusive cruise you are PAYING for it all those drinks. It is not as if they are giving them to you for free.

But let's be honest here - luxury cruise lines are NOT for penny pinchers - they are for people who want a luxury cruise experience. They will pay more for a btter experience because they can afford it.

So - when it comes to comparing luxury cruise lines I don't really think "value" is as much a factor a "quality."

And quality is a matter of taste. Some people find more value in a nice stateroom, while others find it in an interesting itinerary, or the selections at a buffet.
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