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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Not that I don't agree with you because I do, but what happened with Air France?

You're lucky you were able to get home. I do know some from that ill-fated cruise are stuck in London and so far have been told they can't get out until the 24th at the earliest.
Believe me, my heart aches for those poor folks that got diverted to London instead of Amsterdam like we were. Many of them are still there, a few will be there days from now.

Air France's problem wasn't just the weather, but also their incompetence and their inferior website.

Our flight out was cancelled due to snow in Paris, although they lied on the phone and said that it wasn't even though my reservation said it was. The woman just said it was a mistake. Then of course when we got to the airport, they finally got honest. It was too late to go with another airline at that point so we took their new intinerary to Amsterdam. We got seated rows apart. And while that's not that big of a deal on a 2 hour flight, transatlantic it just sucks. Especially when you've been meticulous, doing all due diligence, showing up early, checking in online ... doing everything they ask and still getting a crap product. If any other business behaved like the airlines are presently behaving they'd be bankrupt. I am just baffled that they are getting away with it. And I'm equally as shocked that ship lines aren't capitalizing on how the airline industry has fallen into horrible disrepair, and offering transatlantic commutes at discount.

Then before we left Barcelona I tried checking in online again to pay my excess baggage fees and we kept getting an error window that said "unfortunately the reservation tool is unavailable. please try again later. we are working to fix this situation." So I did try, again and again. What I didn't know is that the website was charging my debit card everytime I attempted to purchase baggage allowance, even though it was telling me to try later.

$880 Later I am still waiting to have Air France out of my life. I had to go to the bank and fill out paperwork to force them to return the money, despite the fact that Air France support told me there was never actually any money changing hands, it was "just a hold." My bank tells me that if they can't prove cause for the charges within 48 hours it will be deposited back to my account.

While I was in Barcelona and attempting to call them to perhaps try and pay for the baggage fees on the phone, and since by now Paris was once again the focus of a snowstorm and flights were being delayed I thought I should check ahead, the phone just rang. A recording explained that since I was calling from Europe to a U-S 800 number they would not pay the toll. Air France...wouldn't pay the toll from Barcelona. Wrap your brain around that. And yes...the return flight was a mirror image of the outbound, cancellations and all.

So after being on hold for 20 minutes, I had a $30 phone charge on my hotel bill that I don't begin to know how to ask for, when I am already waiting for them to return $880 that they errantly took from me. And they never did answer the phone, and they never did answer a single email.

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