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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well it's almost time for the man in the red suit to pop by and eat my cookies.
Yesterday ended up being a bit crazy. Got a call from the church secretary who was having technology issues putting the Christmas Eve and Sunday program together, so the hubby and I helped her worked them out and it was finally resolved about 5 p.m. last night. I recently found out that I am rumored to be our churches new Music Director. I ran into the current Music Director earlier in the week and she wanted to know what my plans for the choir were, and I just kind of stared at her trying to understand what she meant and then said huh? She said that the latest word on the street was that I was going to be taking over directing the choir and all of that... I really was speechless and I told her point blank that was not in any of my short or long range plans, I would do anything possible to help or support the music program but being in charge of it was not something I have ever taken an interest in that whatsoever! I had to sit down and think what on earth I might have ever said to spark this sort of a rumor. I really am drawing a blank. I really think there must be a handful of really bored women who have nothing better to do than just sit around and manufacture gossip, since the truth is so boring lol.

The kids got their Christmas presents from their Grandparents last night. The gifts were a huge hit. They actually ended up staying quite a while and the kiddos had a nice visit with them. We got the Grandparents a digital picture frame loaded with a boatload of photos. They always want pictures but never get around to printing them out.

I finally used the last of the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving I had in the freezer to make a big pot of soup. It was a big hit last night. I only have about a quart left. I have the other turkey thawed out and ready to roast on Christmas and plenty leftover ham from Thanksgiving still in the freezer. I am thinking about some stuffing, a couple of side dishes, mashed taties and gravy, some beef house rolls and a couple of simple desserts. Just a simple meal, so we can enjoy the day together and I don't miss out on the fun because I am busy cooking in the kitchen.

We're supposed to get more snow over the next few days. Today it is really foggy. The hubby is working from home today and tomorrow and will be off all next week. So looks like we'll have some good family time together. Life is good!

Hope you all have a great day!

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