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Originally Posted by cruised1014 View Post
Ncl Vs Carnival. If you get poor service with Carnival you can adjust you tipping. On Ncl sorry it is tattooed to you shipboard credit at $12.00 per day and you cannot take it off for any reason. Also Ncls taxes and fees are the highest of all the cruiselines. For example the Ncl Sky last month for 4 nights
inside cabin $99.00 and taxes and fees were 125.55. I went on Carnival instead of Ncl because of the higher taxes and fees but I like cruising Ncl better. I hear great things about the Spirt and the Epic. Have a great cruise
no matter what you decide. Ed
wow, I just love people posting mis-information. 1-taxes and fees are not controlled in anyway by the cruise line. They make not a cent on them. They are set by the goverrnment. One port different, even enbarkation port can make a difference. I know many people think it is true about the fees but it is just plainly not the case. I have seen itineraries that appear to be identical but one leaves out of NYC and the other NJ. the fees are different.

As for the tipping, again, you can adjust them on NCL. Yes, you will be asked if you have made every attempt to solve any problems without adjusting, but if you want to adjust them you can. It is done all the time. Is this fair, no, because it affects all that are part of the pool, but it can be done. The only cruise line that does not allow adjusting is Celebrity if you choose flex dining. You have to pay the gratuities up front and can not make any adjustments.

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