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I am reading this incredible book "The Warmth of Other Suns" by Isabel Wilkerson (who has won a Pulizer Prize in Journalism), which is about the epic story of America's Great Migration from which I lifted the's based upon a true story and follows 3 stories of African Americans families (one of which is her parents) over 3 decades, that left the South to head struck such a nerve with me

"the migration was a response to an economic and social structure not of their making. they did what humans have done for centuries when life became untenable..what the pilgrims did under the tyranny of British rule..what the Irish did when there was nothing to eat, what the Europeans Jews did during the spread of Nazism..they did what human beings looking for freedom, throughout history have often done..they left..

in light of the debaate that is going on in our Country today, this book has even greater interest for me..have not put it down since I purchased it last week
to your question, it did not give a response from his daughters
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