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Originally Posted by Richardd2662 View Post
I can see why Carnival dropped Formal night as I have been on Carnival out of Galveston many times and I hate to say it but the class of passengers and style of entertainment is well below HAL et al. They have in essence booked trasy people and have trashy entertainment.
Wow, that is quite a statement. "Trasy people" huh? I would suggest if you don't like the "trasy people" that go out of Galveston, you find another port. Carnival has many, one for everyone’s taste I would venture to say, no matter which cruise line you choose that is under their corporation.

If you are eluding that it is Texans that are "trasy" then you don't know Texans. I saw you on Johns blog and watched him cut you off at the ankles as well.

I hate to break it to you, but there are many folks (or in your world "trasy people") that are not from Texas that sail out of that port.

It has been my expierance thru life that haters like you have a misarable life, so for that I am sorry. You only live once, so smile and try to enjoy it.
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