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I started out with the original Kindle a couple of years ago. It was $359!! I upgraded to the new wireless one ($139) as soon as it came out. The new screen is very nice! I pretty much take it everywhere with me and read way more than I did before.

It hasn't completely replaced regular books, though. In fact I got 2 books for Christmas. I wanted to be able to see the big color pictures in them and wanted them on my bookshelf and/or coffee table.

There are several websites where you can research and chat all about the Kindles and other ebook readers. They will have daily listings of all the new free books, too. I haven't paid over $5 for an ebook in months! My fave is, but I just found a new one for freebies/bargains.

I keep mine in a sleeve and take it out to read, as I like the lightness of it in my hands.
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