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Originally Posted by daviddwilson View Post
I have mixed feelings about formal nights. I enjoy getting dressed up since I rarely have that opportunity outside of cruising. And in the past have bought formal clothes just for the cruises. However, next year we are going on our first European cruise and spending some time in Europe before it. We have decided to go with only one roller bag each so I am really using my imagination as to what to bring for formal night. It has to be something I could wear to a nice place in Paris also if you get my meaning. So I understand why some cruisers don't like it. I still enjoy the formal nights but this time will not be dressing up quite so much as previously.

We have cruised/traveled through Europe a number of times and understand about trying to keep luggage to a minimum.

A 'little black dress' works fine for formal night or lovely night out in Paris. (I get your meaning. )

In Paris, you might put a fitted black cardigan over the dress and for formal night, add some bling.

An evening purse or clutch, heels and you are set.
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