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Default What are your expectations for service?

I jsut read through the tipping extra thread .... and it surprised me how many of you extra-tip your cabin steward.

Here is one area, where bad service won't particularly affect my holiday. As long as the beds are made daily (won't kill me if its not) and I have fresh towels (or you bring me extra towels when I call for them) .... I will be a pretty happy camper. I don't need ice or fancy towel sculptures, nor do I need turn down service. A tidy bathroom and fresh towels is pretty much all I need.

The only service baramoter which affects my holiday is in the dining room. I expect the ordres to be taken promptly and for your to "learn" our preferences .... chocolate milks waiting for the kids etc, and a diet coke for my DH and a lemonade/iced tea waiting for me.

If I coyly can't decide between two appetizers (that is my code for you to bring me both). The sooner you learn that the happier we will be. If my daughter wants sliced apples for dessert, but it is not on the menu, you will earn extra points for slicing an apple for her. And if you bring the roving magician to our table EVERY night (and let us know you arranged for it) ... extra bonus points for you.

If I was going to extra-tip anyone it would be the wait staff. I find a good wait team has a measurable effect on how much I enjoy our holiday. This would be the only area that I would consider extra-tipping.

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