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Actually my information is spot on...and as far as cuisine, service and intangibles. It is not only what I personally have experienced, but what is reported directly to me and posted on various message boards and websites (for cruisers and travel agents).

Everyone reading my comments know (or quickly will) that I have issues with Regent. Regent knows I have issues with Regent. To be sure, it isn't personal; it is just what I think. It is not about pushing one cruise line over another. (For example, I just booked regular Seabourn clients today on Orion Expeditions in Australia because it was the best cruise that met their desires. It is not about pushing Seabourn.)

Further, there is no debate that quality ingredients are needed, but if "cuisine" to you is, as I stated, a high quality huge porterhouse, then Regent works for you. For me and for many, many others, it isn't the measure. Hopefully, having the comparison is useful for others. (I wouldn't want to put someone who is a strict "meat and potatoes" person on Seabourn.)

As far as tours go, I do know what I am talking about. The fact is that most (not all) luxury cruisers do NOT take ship's tours on a regular basis. They will take some, take private tours and do things independently. Further, most luxury cruisers do not want to take a tour with 50+ other people. Regent does offer some less people intense tours, but not nearly what they did when tours were not included. These are just the facts.

Just to be sure I was correct about the St. Petersburg dock issue (even though I know I am correct), I found, as an example, an August 2010 post on CC which stated in part that Regent docked in the middle of a steel stock yard with container ships on either side of the Regent ship, despite the new cruise terminal or downtown dockage which will not accommodate the larger Regent ships.

Your other comments are just inaccurate. I had nothing to do with CC and have nothing to do with it now...Thankfully!

From my perspective moderating is not agreeing or disagreeing, but keeping things flowing and respectful. If people disagree and bring different perspectives, correct honest misstatements, provide alternatives, etc. it makes the board more interesting. For in the end, these boards are about providing interesting and useful reading and interaction...not a platform for a singular view.
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