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Eric, you have been calling for Conroy's resignation for two years. You forecast, wrongly, that Navigator would be disposed of last year. You touted Seabourn Odyssey even before it was launched. You dissed the Silver Spirit when it was quite new and working through new ship issues.

As for my CC assertions, I will stand by them.

As for Regent food, it is interesting that Kuki's last review of Regent he found portions too small; you find them too large; I find them to be whatever size I ask them to be.

As for St Petersburg, remember that there are three locations for ships to dock. You are right that Voyager and Mariner cannot sail up the river. However, they are only five minutes from the city; not at the commercial port distant from the city. Of course, I have only my one experience to count on; that is one more than you.

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