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Just FYI, if Regent could get rid of Navigator it would. Even after all the millions of dollars spent renovating it (and here is my very positive comments regarding same from by blog: Regent Seven Seas Navigator - She Is Finally Looking Like A Luxury Cruise Ship.) it continues to be a money pit and has operational problem. So it is not like I am looking for bad just happens.

As for Mark Conroy, it is what it is: My opinion. The fact is that he has far less to do with the company today than he did two years ago. Oceania's operations have taken over much of Regent's operations. Good or bad, it is what it is. The fact is he is not the company or the cruise experience. My comments related to the failure of operational issues...and I guess I was not alone in thinking that.

As for the cruise experience, you raise a very important point. There are lots of ways to formulate opinions. And, without question, two people on the same cruise can perceive two totally different experiences. When someone takes one or two cruises a year and the stated opinions are based upon only those experiences, it represents less than .001% of the total experiences on that cruise line over that year. It is why multiple sources over extended periods needs to be considered. (Heck, yesterday I received an email from someone off a Seabourn cruise commenting on some minor issues I never otherwise would have considered.)

Input from all perspectives is very important to all readers. As I have
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