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Originally Posted by rjalexie View Post
Did a B2B in March 2010 on the Triumph. Had the same cabin for both, was escourted off the ship by a purser at 09:00 through customs. Only needed to have in hand travel docs, passports or ID's, and customs declaration due to traveling a different itenarary. Had to wait with the oncoming passengers to re board. Was in the first group after the wedding parties and the assisted guest. Got back on board about 11:15, but we were able to go directly to our cabin as soon as we boarded. Per approval from our cabin steward. It was a lot of fun.
We have done many B2B's with Carnival (including the Triumph) and on all of our B2B's ... they walked us off the ship ...through Customs and right back on the ship.

We got our Sail and Sign cards at Guest Services around Noon and then stepped over to the "ding" console to have our picture put on our Sail and Sign card.

The Triumph is the only ship that totally dropped the ball. No one should have to get off the ship and sit and wait with the new passengers. Part of the fun of doing a B2B is having the ship all to yourself for about 2 hours.

In our case, we arrived at the Lobby at 10AM per the letter....and no one showed up.

When we asked where a Purser of the Entertainment Staff went to find a Purser....they came back and said "the Purser said to just walk off the ship". What????

First of all, even at 10:15AM ....the line was still inside the bridgeway.

Problem number one: No way was I going to stand in line for an hour with a child with Autism.

Problem number two: I would get to Customs with 3 of us and with NO LUGGAGE??? Try explaining that one...

I had been warned that the Triumph did not have a, when we got the "just walk off the ship"...I took matters into my own hands.

Fortunately, there were two photo guys headed out into the the 3 of us just "hitched a ride" (so to speak) with them...past the line.

When I got to the foot of the stairs, I knew my good friend (and Carnival Rep) would be at the bottom of the stairs....and he had someone escort us to Custom and explain why we did not have any luggage.

He would have also escorted us back on the ship, but we needed run a couple of we arrived back at the terminal about 1:15pm.... picked up our new Sail and Sign cards from our friend and walked back on the ship.

Again, this had never happened before and hopefully the Triumph has gotten it fixed since October when we were last there. But I have not heard for certain if they have....

Btw, we head out for a B2B in two days on the Elation. We will see how it goes....

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