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Hi Wes,

Some very good comments! Thanks.

One thing that is a pet peeve of mine are the blasted Gold Lists. They are really nothing more than popularity contests based upon who votes...which may be who reads the magazine or who floods the ballot box. I used to write on my blog about this, but year after year these polls just keep coming and, it seems, multiplying. You will note that I do not push or even really mention Seabourn topping the polls. I think it is irrelevant.

Also, I do not sail only one line. In fact, I sail many. Starting this past November and going out six months, I will have sailed on Seabourn, Celebrity and Crystal. I have done and will do ship inspections on additional lines. And, of course, you probably wouldn't know that I sell quite a bit of Crystal and Oceania cruises as well as some more esoteric cruises such as the Prince Albert II (Silversea) and Orion Expeditions in addition to the more mainsteam lines.

The inferences that I am sort of a "one trick pony" really is inaccurate. Take my opinions for what you will, but please don't mis characterize them because of a misperception due to my opinion based upon my personal and professional criteria!:-D I fully understand, and try to show my respect for, other people's criteria that are different from my personal and professional criteria.

And, to be sure, one thing that you point out is that there is a yet more evidence of a clear migration away from Regent...if not entirely, at least to the extent that cruises on other lines are no longer not an option. That is not me pitching Seabourn, it is me commenting on the obvious trend.

The fun part is figuring out and discussing why the migration is happening. Isn't that what this thread is, in part, about?
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