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Default To tip or not to tip

I Do tip but only the faces I actually see, and I tip what I want to tip, not what some ahole bean counter suggests. If I get friendly, good service they get more, if not then less.

Here are a few facts about tipping on cruise ships

The large, greedy corporation pays almost nothing and forces (shames its customers) into subsidizing their greed. I would rather pay more and let these suck hole corporations compete against each other at higher price points than subsidize their labor so Mickey Arinson and Adam Goldstein can get a bigger bonus.

Yes I agree these people deserve to be paid for their work, but the system is a scam. Americans are such good hearted people that they have been trained to tip by big corporate America. Europe is different, we see them as cheap, they expect more from the companies over there and I see nothing wrong with this.

Funny though how the greedy cruise lines get into trouble with their own crew when the ship goes down under and to europe. The crew gets upset because no one tips, the company then forces the tips on the customer, then the customers get upset and it comes full circle.

In sum, I challenge all these greedy sobs at Carnival and RCL to give up their bonuses this year and give their crew a raise....Wont happen...scum...

Happy New Year
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